Results, Impact

Our students will be encouraged to develop

  • a new awareness of their individual heritage
  • tolerance and respect for cultures that initially are unfamiliar and different
  • lively interest in promoting the process of creating a “Europe of the young”
  • an improved language proficiency
  • a capability to promote and to take part in team building processes

They will

  • be encouraged to fight any form of xenophobia
  • become motivated to work in groups
  • develop new forms of media literacy by learning to use the computer and the internet as a useful tool that renders an efficient working basis.

The staff of teachers will

  • in general widen their horizon on an educational, social, professional, cultural and academic level
  • experience an interesting exchange of ideas concerning the above mentioned areas of social life
  • be increasingly committed to project work and a vivid exchange of ideas
  • be confronted with a working reality outside the classroom, maybe one that is to a certain extent more practically oriented than the teaching process
  • keep in touch routinely and productively with other European schools

The students´ parents and the respective social surroundings, for instance villagers and the town council will

  • get a more tangible idea of Europe and its citizens
  • get involved in the process of developing more respect, ethnic appreciation and acceptance of people from foreign European countries
  • develop a certain pride and understanding in their children due to their commitment to the huge European idea of togetherness and belonging
  • enter into a new form of dialogue with their children in being interviewed by them

Schools will

  • get to know different school systems and training strategies
  • be stimulated to improve or rethink  the further education of teachers
  • win a lifelong relationship and thus exchange of ideas to schools all over Europe

All the participants, families and the school society in general will

  • get exposed to different cultures
  • become familiar with the daily life routine of other European countries
  • use the products of this project that are: our “Europedia” with all the information, photos and portfolios that each participating country has presented
  • enjoy the success of a European project and develop awareness of its lifelong relevance for our children in particular and society in general.
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