1 Slovenia

Soseska_pod_obronki_JeloviceThe school area covers the whole Lipnica valley from where our students come from. There are quite a few villages here with lots of hills surrounding them and brooks running through. Some of the bigger villages are Kropa, Kamna Gorica, Lipnica, Podnart, Dobrava and so on. The valley and its villages are famous for its blacksmithing tradition and rich cultural heritage.



The nearby village Kropa is regarded as the »Cradle of blacksmithing« alongside Kamna Gorica. In the past people made their living here by working in forges and furnaces, that is with iron melting and creating iron products such as old-fashion nails, spikes.

 DSC_0470Our school however has been at this location for 55 years now. It was established in 1957. It takes its name after Stane Žagar, a national hero. We also have a much smaller branch school at Ovsiše, 4 kilometres from here. It was established in 1930. There are 30 teachers in both schools at the moment. Schooling has been present in this area for almost 120 years now.

DSC_0407We have 15 classrooms and 2 gyms. A few years ago we also got a new stadium next to the school. In both schools there are over 260 students altogether. Students in Slovenian primary school attend school from the age of six to fourteen, from classes one to nine. The first 5 classes are generally taught by one class teacher. DSC_0393Classes from six to nine attend lessons at teachers of various subjects. There are two foreign languages we learn at our school. They are English and German.

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