In our project “European Youth – Past, Present, Future. Raising an awareness as to the active role every European citizen has got in shaping a common European Future” our students will be strongly encouraged to find and explore their individual place in the European social context by comparing traditional habits, their present social surroundings, challenges and shared future objectives.

By interviewing and exchanging ideas with their parents and grandparents they expose themselves critically to the past; by discussing their own situation as today’s adolescents they are facing present day problems; by clarifying and expressing hopes and wishes they will take a first step towards shaping their future.

The diverse project activities are designed to give our students the possibility of comparing different European cultural backgrounds and thus simultaneously discovering significant differences and similarities. They should discover that not only did their parents and grandparents form part of a huge historical process, but they should also develop an enhanced self-awareness concerning their own role in history, hopefully realizing in the end that it is possible to shape history. Our findings will be precisely documented in a comprehensive compilation called “Europedia”.

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