Kick-off in Germany

A warm-hearted and festive Comenius opening celebration at Hohenburg

After having listened to the solemn “Ode to Joy” (Schiller´s precious: “Ode an die Freude”) and thus the final movement of Beethoven´s 9th, that is the so called “European Anthem” our headmaster Mr Christoph Beck opened the “Notice Board ceremony” with a cordial welcome speech in which he briefly reminded the audience of  Europe´s divided past and enthusiastically welcomed the beginning of our Comenius Project and with it all the students and teachers involved.

“Dear colleagues, dear friends from all over Europe, dear guests, but most of all: dear students, I grew up at a time when Europe was also growing up. However, the Europe I knew then was totally different from the Europe that you know now.

We had to show our passport at the borders and needed many different currencies and Visas when we wanted to travel.

I am so glad that all this is over now and I warn you of all those trying to split Europe. For me, Europe is more than just a political union. It is a union of people who have so much in common: dancing, playing (…), working together etc.

I am glad you have the chance to participate in such a great project. In your later lives many of you will have to travel to other European countries anyhow and it doesn’t hurt if you already know somebody there or have seen the country before.(…)” (Christoph Beck/ Sept. 28th, 2012.)

Everybody enjoyed the celebrations and is now very keen on getting the project started in Hungary.


Reactions in the Local Press 


Reactions in the Local Press



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